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Solid Weekend Yields 4th in Knoxville Nationals

PR by Reid VanEck - August 12, 2014

Sprint car racing doesn’t get any bigger each year than the Knoxville Nationals in August.  Drawing the biggest field of cars and fans from all around the globe, the 54th running of the four-day, $150,000-to-win, prestigious event got underway for Craig Dollansky and the Big Game Treestands #7 team.

After rain showers on Wednesday, the second split qualifying night on Friday saw 53 drivers sign into the Knoxville Raceway.  Drawing an early pill for time trials, ‘The Crowd Pleaser’ started the racing program in the best way possible motoring to quick-time at 14.934 seconds.  With everyone vying for points each time on the track, the next hurdle was heat action which showcases the best racing all week due to the inversion process.  Starting outside row four in heat one and needing to finish in the top-four to transfer directly into the feature, the Aggressive Hydraulics #7 raced into fifth as laps wound down.  Appearing to be on the outside looking in, Dollansky made significant ground on Brady Bacon in turns 1 & 2 on the final lap before powering high into turns 3 and around the outside of Bacon coming out of turn 4 to steal the final transfer in the 10-lap event.

An inversion of the eight fastest qualifiers who transferred through their heats then put the Eyecon Trail Cameras Maxim again outside row four for the 25-lap A-Main.  Following a caution on lap 2, Dollansky battled with Justin Henderson taking the position on lap 11 entering turn three.  After another yellow one circuit later, ‘The Crowd Pleaser’ raced David Gravel for a spot in the top-five before capturing the position after a restart on lap 22.  With just three laps remaining, Gravel snuck by the #7 after Dollansky ran low on fuel on the final lap finishing 6th and registering the 3rd most points of the night and 7th overall of the 105 total competitors.

Carrying Speed from Capitani Classic

PR by Reid VanEck - August 4, 2014

It was the 3rd Annual Capitani Classic on Sunday for Craig Dollansky and the Big Game Treestands #7 team.  Honoring the former longtime promoter of the historic Knoxville Raceway, one of the biggest 410 field of sprinters gathered at the ½-mile for the final tune-up before the 54th Knoxville Nationals.

After getting a feel for the racing surface in hotlaps, Dollansky was the twenty-ninth car out for qualifying and stopped the clock with a very strong 4th place among the stout field of 71 cars.  A very unique format of thirty-six cars inverted in six heats then put the Aggressive Hydraulics Maxim outside row three of heat four where Dollansky powered up to 4th just missing a top-three transfer.

Forced to run B-Main #2, ‘The Crowd Pleaser’ drag raced with Joey Saldana down the fronstretch to bring the field up to speed battling with the #71M for a few circuits before rocketing into the top spot on the highside going on to take a commanding victory in the 12-lap event.  In the 25-lap A-Main, Dollansky started outside row ten.  After developing mechanical issues in the opening laps, the #7 pulled in rather than risking further problems prior to the biggest week of the racing season.

“We had a decent night going and I was happy with our qualifying effort for when we went out,” commented the Elk River, Minnesota native.  “Unfortunately we came up one spot short in the heat forcing us to have to come through the B-Main.  We developed a motor issue within the first couple of laps of the feature and I shut it down, pulling in to minimize any more damage to it.  Fortunately we found that it wasn’t anything serious after having some time to go through and check it out in detail and I’m now looking forward to our qualifying night!”

Quick stats: 
QUALIFYING: 16.086 - 1st
HEAT RACE 4: 4th, start (6)
A-MAIN: 24th DNF, start (20)

Podium Finish Concludes July at Knoxville

PR by Reid VanEck - July 29, 2014

The month of July came to a close on Saturday for Craig Dollansky and the Big Game Treestands #7 team as they signed into Knoxville Raceway once again following a top-ten finish the week prior.

With a strong field of 37 sprinters on hand at the historic half-mile, the night got underway with hotlaps followed by qualifying as Dollansky piloted the Aggressive Hydraulics Maxim to the 8th fastest lap at 15.489 seconds.  Starting inside row three for heat four, the Elk River, Minnesota native would gain one position in the 8-lap event finishing 4th.

In the 20-lap A-Main the Eyecon Trail Cameras #7 again lined up inside row three on the starting grid.  After a red flag on the initial start resulted in a complete restart, Dollansky raced Bronson Maeschen for fourth but the red came out again on lap 2.  Battling just outside the top-five, ‘The Crowd Pleaser’ would power around Maeschen high in turns 3 & 4 on lap 15 restart and then by Mark Dobmeier before a yellow two laps later.  After a red on the restart with three to go moved the Big Game Treestands backed sprinter up to third, Dollansky battled Dobmeier on the ensuing restart and narrowed the gap on Dusty Zomer for the runner-up position but crossed the checkered flag with a strong podium finish.

"We dropped back to sixth and were a little tight to start out”, commented Dollansky who runs 5th in the KCCS standings, 137 points out of the lead.  “The latter part of the race our car started coming in and we were pretty decent at the end.”

Quick stats: 
QUALIFYING: 15.489 - 8th
HEAT RACE 4: 4th, start (5)
A-MAIN: 3rd, start (5)

Racing Schedule

4/1234 Raceway (MOWA)Burlington, IA3rd
4/19Knoxville Raceway (KCCS)Knoxville, IA21st
4/26Knoxville Raceway (KCCS)Knoxville, IA1st
5/3Knoxville Raceway (KCCS)Knoxville, IA3rd
5/4Oshkosh Speedzone Raceway (IRA)Oshkosh, WI1st
5/9Wilmot Raceway (WoO)Wilmot, WI14th
5/10Knoxville Raceway (KCCS)Knoxville, IA6th
5/11Huset's SpeedwayBrandon, SDRAIN
5/17Knoxville Raceway (KCCS)Knoxville, IA9th
5/18Huset's SpeedwayBrandon, SD2nd
5/24Knoxville Raceway (KCCS)Knoxville, IA1st
5/25Huset's SpeedwayBrandon, SD4th
5/31Knoxville Raceway (KCCS)Knoxville, IARAIN
6/1Huset's SpeedwayBrandon, SDRAIN
6/6I-80 Speedway (WoO)Greenwood, NE20th DNF
6/7Knoxville Raceway (KCCS)Knoxville, IARAIN
6/13Jackson Speedway (WoO)Jackson, MN17th
6/14Knoxville Raceway (WoO)Knoxville, IA10th
6/21Knoxville Raceway (KCCS)Knoxville, IA1st
6/22Huset's SpeedwayBrandon, SD1st
6/28Knoxville Raceway (KCCS)Knoxville, IARAIN
6/29Cedar Lake Speedway (WoO)New Richmond, WI17th
7/5Knoxville Raceway (KCCS Twin Features)Knoxville, IARAIN
7/12Knoxville Raceway (KCCS)Knoxville, IARAIN
7/13Huset's SpeedwayBrandon, SD19th DNF
7/19Knoxville Raceway (KCCS)Knoxville, IA10th
7/20Huset's Speedway (ASCoC)Brandon, SD14th DNF
7/26Knoxville Raceway (KCCS)Knoxville, IA3rd
8/3Knoxville Raceway (Capitani Classic)Knoxville, IA24th DNF
8/8Knoxville Raceway (Nationals Qualifier)Knoxville, IA6th
8/9Knoxville Raceway (Nationals finale)Knoxville, IA4th