Autograph cards, crew shirts, articles for the website, bookkeeping, inventory, on-line store, open shop planning, T-shirt designs, invoices, running kids, phone calls, moving, newspaper ads, letters to event sponsors, ticket sales! These are just a few of the things I have had my hands on this week. I truly enjoy my work. I just wish it did not feel like I have to fit 6 months worth of things into one short week, but it's summer and the race season is in full swing! We go on the weekends and go-like-hell during the week, only to go again the following weekend. My days generally start about 7:30am and end some time around midnight, usually later than that though... It takes a rare breed to be in this business I guess, operating on less sleep than average and keeping up with the competition. Craig Dollansky Racing, 1 driver, 3 crew members, and myself! Lucky for us we have others who help, Reid VanEck has come onboard to assist with website write-ups and Public Relations. Paul Stratman, our behind the scenes website designer, Paul has especially helped me get our on-line store up and running again. I just wanted to take a minute to thank these 2 guys, for if it was not for them, I would right now be in the funny farm!