Start of 2013

With 2 All Stars nights a wash in Florida, World of Outlaws fans have been anxiously awaiting the start of the 2013 racing season. As our team has gotten settled and built all the new cars at the Big Game Motorsports shop in Windom, things have been a little different around the CDR shop. Half of the shop has been leased out as of March 1st, so this has expedited a move for the Dollansky's as well. Since it is looking like building might be our choice again, we are moving to a home in a beautiful neighborhood in between the shop and school for the time being.

Too long...

It has been way too long since I have posted anything in my Back Seat Blog, so I thought I'd write a little something.

The End of 2011 Season

Well have returned and recovered from the 'World Finals' and annual 'World of Outlaws' season end awards banquet. At the end of each season we usually breath a sigh of relief that we have gotten to the end of a gruelling season, but this year seams different to me. I feel like it isn't time to be over. Maybe it was the rainouts (7) in the beginning of the year, or maybe it was that I wasn't on the road as much this season, but more than likely it is that we have a strong team and it would fun to keep it going that way.

Post Nationals

Well we made it though another Knoxville Nationals, the 51st. A top 10 finish for the team was good considering there were 99 participants. Our team, however knows they left a lot on the table. The hydraulic line that came loose in Thursday nights qualifying effort truely cost the team a top 4 starting spot for the 'big show' on Saturday, and the only blame can be placed on human error, (not tightened, or checked properly).

Back Seat Drivin' with Julie D.

What a weekend... Racing is a fickle business. Friday night them team raced close to home again at the Cedar Lake Speedway. Set on avenging last year's title for the event they started off qualifying a little off the pace. With a 'never give up attitude' Craig and the crew were able to battle back in the main event to look at top 5 finish, if only for a while. A chain of events then changed the out come rather quickly. The hot weather only added to the temperatures in the pits at the conclusion of the event. The next night at Beaver Dam Raceway, was a home coming of sorts.

Backseat Drivin' with Julie D.

Autograph cards, crew shirts, articles for the website, bookkeeping, inventory, on-line store, open shop planning, T-shirt designs, invoices, running kids, phone calls, moving, newspaper ads, letters to event sponsors, ticket sales! These are just a few of the things I have had my hands on this week. I truly enjoy my work. I just wish it did not feel like I have to fit 6 months worth of things into one short week, but it's summer and the race season is in full swing! We go on the weekends and go-like-hell during the week, only to go again the following weekend.