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Podium Finish Concludes July at Knoxville

PR by Reid VanEck - July 29, 2014

The month of July came to a close on Saturday for Craig Dollansky and the Big Game Treestands #7 team as they signed into Knoxville Raceway once again following a top-ten finish the week prior.

With a strong field of 37 sprinters on hand at the historic half-mile, the night got underway with hotlaps followed by qualifying as Dollansky piloted the Aggressive Hydraulics Maxim to the 8th fastest lap at 15.489 seconds.  Starting inside row three for heat four, the Elk River, Minnesota native would gain one position in the 8-lap event finishing 4th.

In the 20-lap A-Main the Eyecon Trail Cameras #7 again lined up inside row three on the starting grid.  After a red flag on the initial start resulted in a complete restart, Dollansky raced Bronson Maeschen for fourth but the red came out again on lap 2.  Battling just outside the top-five, ‘The Crowd Pleaser’ would power around Maeschen high in turns 3 & 4 on lap 15 restart and then by Mark Dobmeier before a yellow two laps later.  After a red on the restart with three to go moved the Big Game Treestands backed sprinter up to third, Dollansky battled Dobmeier on the ensuing restart and narrowed the gap on Dusty Zomer for the runner-up position but crossed the checkered flag with a strong podium finish.

"We dropped back to sixth and were a little tight to start out”, commented Dollansky who runs 5th in the KCCS standings, 137 points out of the lead.  “The latter part of the race our car started coming in and we were pretty decent at the end.”

Quick stats: 
QUALIFYING: 15.489 - 8th
HEAT RACE 4: 4th, start (5)
A-MAIN: 3rd, start (5)

Top Ten at Knoxville Precedes All-Stars at Huset's

PR by Reid VanEck - July 22, 2014

Hampered by Mother Nature the past three weekends, Knoxville Raceway has stood silent on Saturday nights since the Big Game Treestands #7 team dominated the feature on June 21st.  Nearly a month later, the weather was finally much better for racing in southern Iowa as ‘The Crowd Pleaser’ signed in for 3M Night at the historic half-mile.

With 35 drivers on hand, the racing program got off to an early hole as a late draw for qualifying saw Dollansky register the 22nd fastest lap in qualifying.  Heat action would then see the #7 start on the pole and lead the first few laps before surrendering the lead to Brian Brown finishing in the runner-up.

In the 20-lap A-Main the Aggressive Hydraulics backed entry lined up deep in the pack outside row nine.  Using a commanding opening lap, the Elk River, Minnesota native powered his way up to twelfth before the only caution on lap 7.  Advancing two additional positions on the restart to crack the top-ten Dollansky continued to make forward progress battling for ninth with just five laps to go but taking the checkered flag in 10th.

“Our motor didn’t run to start the night and put ourselves in a hole in qualifying,” commented Dollansky.  “We got it running better for the heat and feature but still not as good as it should.  We were able to get into the top-ten and if a few things went differently we probably could have gotten in the top-five somewhere.  The car was good and we’ll keep working on getting our program stronger.  Guy Forbrook and the guys are doing a great job and working hard every week!”

PennLive Top 25: Dollansky Ranked No. 13

In a recent article in the PennLive Sports section Craig Dollansky ranks thirteenth among the top 25 sprint car drivers in the country. Follow link to article published by Jeremy Elliott.

PennLive Article

Racing Schedule

4/1234 Raceway (MOWA)Burlington, IA3rd
4/19Knoxville Raceway (KCCS)Knoxville, IA21st
4/26Knoxville Raceway (KCCS)Knoxville, IA1st
5/3Knoxville Raceway (KCCS)Knoxville, IA3rd
5/4Oshkosh Speedzone Raceway (IRA)Oshkosh, WI1st
5/9Wilmot Raceway (WoO)Wilmot, WI14th
5/10Knoxville Raceway (KCCS)Knoxville, IA6th
5/11Huset's SpeedwayBrandon, SDRAIN
5/17Knoxville Raceway (KCCS)Knoxville, IA9th
5/18Huset's SpeedwayBrandon, SD2nd
5/24Knoxville Raceway (KCCS)Knoxville, IA1st
5/25Huset's SpeedwayBrandon, SD4th
5/31Knoxville Raceway (KCCS)Knoxville, IARAIN
6/1Huset's SpeedwayBrandon, SDRAIN
6/6I-80 Speedway (WoO)Greenwood, NE20th DNF
6/7Knoxville Raceway (KCCS)Knoxville, IARAIN
6/13Jackson Speedway (WoO)Jackson, MN17th
6/14Knoxville Raceway (WoO)Knoxville, IA10th
6/21Knoxville Raceway (KCCS)Knoxville, IA1st
6/22Huset's SpeedwayBrandon, SD1st
6/28Knoxville Raceway (KCCS)Knoxville, IARAIN
6/29Cedar Lake Speedway (WoO)New Richmond, WI17th
7/5Knoxville Raceway (KCCS Twin Features)Knoxville, IARAIN
7/12Knoxville Raceway (KCCS)Knoxville, IARAIN
7/13Huset's SpeedwayBrandon, SD19th DNF
7/19Knoxville Raceway (KCCS)Knoxville, IA10th
7/20Huset's Speedway (ASCoC)Brandon, SD14th DNF
7/26Knoxville Raceway (KCCS)Knoxville, IA3rd
8/3Knoxville Raceway (Capitani Classic)Knoxville, IA 
8/6Knoxville Raceway (Nationals Qualifier)Knoxville, IA 
8/8Knoxville Raceway (if necessary)Knoxville, IA 
8/9Knoxville Raceway (Nationals finale)Knoxville, IA